Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Slice of Life 31#

Fish Spa

3$ for 30min in the fish spa! This was on a sign right next to the fish spa (A fish spa is where there is a tank full of doctor fish that eat of your dead skin when you put your feet in them). I asked my mom if I could do it and she said yes, because, the same place does leg messages for 30min for 4$ so she could do that wall I did the fish spa. We walk over to the people at the place and pay them my mom lays down on a chair/couch sort of thing, and I slowly take off my shoes next to the tank. I look at the fish and see that they are all swimming towards me bitting at the water. Then I sat ono the bench thing and my feet hovered above the water all the fish were hungrily looking up at me. there little mouths bitting at the air waiting for me to stick my feet in. I put them in. I almost yelped but everyone was watching me so I didn't but the fish tickled my feet and not in the good way, I didn't want to take my feet out of the water because I thought it would be rude cause I just payed them and then make it look like I didn't like it so I keep my feet in for about ten secants and every time one would bite me right under my foot my foot would twitch it was weird and it hurt so after about ten secants of this I came up with a idea: I would keep my feet in for as long as I could then take most of my foot out but keep either my heals or toes in. So I started with my heals it tickled a little but thin I was fine and it didn't hurt a bit, so I dunked all of my foot in. almost all the fish now were on my feet but surprisingly it didn't feel weird any more it felt nice. After about 20min another family wanted to try the fish spa the family had 3 kids and there were two tanks the oldest boy came and used the same tank as me and the other two used the other tank. They were a lot worse than we they screamed and jerked there feet out of the water and screamed some more. I couldn't help but laugh. But I only laughed a little because I remembered how I felt when I first put my feet in. The one of the people working there stuck here hand in the tank and I asked if we could put our hands in two and she said we could we both put our hands in. We were only sitting on a bench with a cushion on top so we both had all of our wait over the water and we started to fall in "Oh no!" we both said. I shore didn't want to fall in so I garbed the seat and he garbed the edge and lucky for us we didn't fall in but we came very close to it. The other family only wanted to do it for 10min and they came when I only had 20min left so after that both of our time was up. we got out and dried of our feet and put on our shoes and I joined my mom because we finished at the same time and we all went home.


Monday, 30 March 2015

My Slice of Life 30#

Cooking Class

Today we went to a cooking class at a restaurant there was 8 of us first we sat down at the restaurant then we got a menu on what we could order to make our selves we had to order a appetiser then a main course and the 8 of us had to choose a desert to share. I chose fried spring rolls for my starter meal and fried pork and pineapple with rise for my main mean and the group chose mango sticky rice for the dessert and that was my choose so I was very happy. Then we went to the shops all around and bought all the ingredients for our food. We then went back up to the restaurant and cut up all of our ingredients I had to cut op a carrot sweet potato and another type of potato that I don't know the name of for the spring rolls. After they were all cut up they gave me a pineapple so I got help to cut up the pineapple then put it on a plate, then I had to chop up a green union and put it next to the cut up pineapple. I had to wait I bit after that because the other people were cooking their food. About 10min later the cook called us over to see how to make the mango sticky rice but we didn't make it because we had to make all of our food. then I was called in to cook my spring rolls insides. The pan was really hot but it made all the ingredients cook really well then when they were done they looked like a professional had made them. Then the cook put my pork on the frying pan so I could cook it I stirred it around for a bit then I was told to put the pineapple and green union into the pan and all 3 ingredients cooked well together, then we took it out and put it all on a plate and a spoon full of rice on the side. Then I walked back into the other room and took a type of rice paper and then put the inside of the spring rolls and rolled it up half way then ducked in the sides then rolled it all the way up and used egg yolk to keep it from unrolling. Then I went back into the room with the pan and put them in the pan with a type of oil in it and let it cook but one of the spring rolls didn't stay together and part of it unrolled put none of the insides came out so it was ok. Then we took them out of the pan and onto a plate and we broke of the end of the unrolled one so it looked normal. We all got into one big table to eat, and the food was amazing and I had made it for my self so I was very proud.


My Slice of Life 29#

The Circus

Last night me and my family went to the circus. The people who were in it were telling a story with the performance but they never said a single word (The story was about the killing that happened in Cambodia) At one part of the show the performers are stacking boxes in a high tower and they are having to stand on each other to be able to do it, so some of them did things like flips on to the others shoulder. There was only one girl in the circus and it was really cool because for the last box that goes on the top was two high for only two people so the others made a sort of stair case and she stepped on them and walked up with the box and put it on the top. then they all were laying on the floor and one of the boys stood up and picked up the box tower and it started to drop on top of them but they all jumped up and caught there own box. It was really cool then later on they stacked up on top of each other then they started to fall forward and right when the top person hit the ground he rolled and so did everyone beside him. At another part the girl is having a bad dream and there is a guy with A glowing balloon and she wakes up and the ballon is hanging in her room so she screamed then she shoots a bow and arrow using her feet and it hits and pops the balloon it was really cool. The rest was mostly dancing and juggling but it was still really cool. The only bad thing is that we all got home at around 11 - 12pm so we were really tired.


My Slice of Life 28#


For the spring brake me and my family went to Cambodia, and we are staying at a apartment sort of thing. I then got the Idea to go swimming. The pool looked amazing, I took a step right in it was surprisingly warm. I stared down the steps then I slipped and fell all the way in then it was cold but only for two secants so I was ok I swam around for a bit then came up and took a gulp of air. I went back under and did a few hand stands, then attempted a kart wheel in the water it was very hard, but it sort of worked then me and my mom had a breathing contest. What we had to do was see how far we could go with out taking a breath. We both tied and we both could only make it to the other side of the pool then we both took a breath. I had to tread water a lot though because I was in really deep water. Soon everyone got out of the water and I was left alone so I went into the kid pool and swam in circles for a long time then I just floated on my back and the waves from when I had swan in a circle made me spin on my back for a while it was just like a ride at a roller coaster park. But not long after that we all had to go back inside, so I waved good bye to the pool and went back to the apartment.


Thursday, 26 March 2015

My Slice of Life 27#


An expression of gratitude.

Everyone needs to give thanks, it is what makes the world go round. If no one had thanks life would be sad, no one would ever say thank you so much for helping me or just a simple thanks, there would be none of that and every one would be sad. You might know the holiday Thanks Giving it is a American holiday and me and all of my family (Grandpa, Grandma, and Cousins) will come together and sit in a circle and say what we are thankful for even if it is a simple thing like food or water or a home and that is very good that we are thankful for the small things because some people might not have it. I have a job for anyone who reeds this today give thanks to 5 people and tomorrow give thanks to 6 people then the next 7 people and on and on until 12 people then put in the comments if you were able to do it.


My Slice of Life 26#

People who show Resilience

Liesel Allen

There is a girl that I know and she is in High school her name is Liesel allen she has one normal hand and the other hand only has two fingers, but she has shown lots of resilience. She has pushed the limits of her small hand and is able to rock climb very well she even was able to make a new way to hold the rocks so that they will fit her hand. Also she was in Ted-X so she could talk about her hand, you can ask her if she wants a normal hand but she will always say she wants to keep her small hand, and to me this is tons of resilience in one person.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Slice of Life 25#

My Desk
(In My Room)

Its white 
              With old
                         Crayon Markes
                                              All over it
                                   and It is very         Because:                                          Cluttered

  • There is old paper all over it,
  •  An old juice bottle sitting on the edge,
  •  A glue bottle that has spilt,
  •  Millions of coins,
  •  A Zebra box full of Squinkies,
  •  A crayon box,
  •  A tiny marker box
  •  A color pencil box,
  •  A etch-a-sketch,
  • Tons of pencils and erasers,
  •  Scratch pictures,
  •  I-Clay that is dried up and dusty,
  •  Old homework here and there,
  •  Two things of putty,
  •  A card with a phone number on it,
  •  Some flute Music,
  •  A old mouse,
  •  And millions of tiny peaces of cat hair.
(This isn't my desk)